Advances in the high-level information society required 24-hour uninterruptible service of power supply, and the demand for power loss to other power without power loss increased. Our CTTS can detect voltage differences and frequency differences between the two power sources and check the synchronous conditions to automatically cut other power sources.



• Due to the large number of PLANT facilities affected by CTTS main purpose and power outage, if causes voltage loss or power loss on commercial power, or if is likely to occur on long-term restoration load, it can be switched from commercial power to electricity.
•In case of a planned power outage, such as a regular inspection of electric facilities, the power cut may be uninterrupted.



                • This is an uninterruptible switch with closed transition type operation mechanism, which temporarily switches power to both commercial and power generation at the same time and then switches to the control direction.
               •It is possible to switch to uninterruptible during parallel operation of both power sources. The trip structure also enables the neutral position (positive power off). The same operation as the existing CTTS is possible. A->OFF B, B->OFF A and A->OFF->A, B->OFF->B Operation are possible. Overlapping switching and Not overlapping are also possible according to the operating instructions.

Operational Flow Chart

Schematic Diagram

Overall Dimension

                • Panel safety distance S1 (Space dimension) : 30mm. (400V), 60mm. (690V)

Product Coding