The “ESPOWER” power inverter employs high frequency PWM technology with microprocessor-based design that controls all diagnostics and operations to address the critical AC powering requirements of equipment applications. The front panel is designed for simple and efficient operation with LCD display that measures and indicates all important parameters.

    Intelligent power inverters are fully protection of overload, short circuit, and reverse polarity, over/under input voltage and over temperature. In case of any failures occur that it will send an output alarm contact to show or control the equipment. The output of the inverter is the pure sinusoidal wave type. The waveform is shown as figure 1, is a perfect processor generated output, which is suitable for all types of loads. The “ESPOWER” power inverter INV/P series are generally applied for:

•    Backup system for small industrial loads such as a computer system for machine control or computer for  CSCS/SCADA/DCS. 
•    Power inverter INV/P series are suitable for sensitive powering of telecommunications and data-processing equipment.
•    Office or domestic appliances such as a computer, photocopy machine, Lighting Lamp.  


•    Standard EN 61000, IEC 60950
•    Real Time Monitoring Software of significant value for inverter
•    Pure sine wave AC output
•    LED front screen display
•    Fan’s speed controlled by temperature
•    Low Noise, less than 45 dB (A) at 1 m distance
•    AC MCB and DC MCB on incoming for on-off function at front panel
•    Dry contact alarm for control of operation equipment
•    Complete with static bypass switch which transfer time ≤ 5 ms 
•    Compact size (2U), designed to use in 19″ equipment racks or tower case  type for ease of mobility or movement.
•    APC (Advance Polarity Check) technology applied to replace old-style fuse and diode, which warn you when reversed wiring. 


Block Diagram

Dry Contact for Alarm

Connection Diagram


Product Coding