✓    Robust, durable, compact and luxurious design.
✓    Provide both round and square installation flanges.
✓    2 points switching type (by pushing and turning to right or left side)
✓    High brightness LED chip technology with built in current limiting resistor and zener diode.
✓    Various input voltages (both AC & DC) for LED indicator.
✓    Flashlight could be supplied as an option.
✓    Finger proof terminal, screw type for contactor size 0.5-4 mm2


           NOVA Discrepancy switches (NDCS) are used to control & monitor the circuit breaker and disconnecting switches. Also display their circuit state in mimic panels and illuminated mimic diagrams.
           When it lights up that means the position of the discrepancy switches does not match with the pre- assigned circuit breaker.
           The luminous source is from high brightness LED lamp with yellow color.