The EL series latching relays has self – holding function using permanent magnets in the magnetic circuit which prevent intermediate position or contact trip while switching. Enables great reliability and a long stable service life. The EL series is designed based on quality and reliability concerns and manufactured according to IEC and IEEE standards. The EL series are adopted either AC or DC supply at same rated voltage. Number of change over contacts of EL series are 4 and 8.

         To cut off the input voltage which directs supply to coil after operation is the design concept of EL series by series their own contact with the coil, so it will reduce power consumption and make relay longer life. EL series latching relays are adopted either pulse or permanent supply.

         Indicating status of the EL series latching relays can be seen through a viewing window at the top of the cover. Setting status will indicate green and resetting status will indicate red.

         The EL series latching relays is designed to mount on standard DIN rail 35 mm. Also terminal plug was designed to use with wire 1.0 – 2.5 mm. diameter. 


                  The main application for these relays is as “change over” contacts in these control systems where two different stable positions are required. The use of the relays reduces wiring from the outside switchgear to the control board, reduce the cost and assure a contact simultaneous operation thereby dramatically reducing the possibility of miss operation. Other important usages are for remote control demands signals

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