ESPAN-02 series is designed to use as an alarm system for general protection switchboard, local control panel of GIS, local control cabinet of power transformer and all of control panels, which needs alarm function. It indicates fault status by using high brightness LED with assembly in PCB one card each alarm input. Window displaying plates are made of white acrylic resin, which could be easily removed for text engraving.


    Robust and compact design, comprise of display unit (single element) to combine as number  as  required and one of common unit
•     Alarm input can be selected by dip – switch to accept either NO or NC contact
    One relay output contact (1 NO) of each alarm for remote function
•     LED chip of high brightness display
     Direct power supply 24, 48, 110, 125, 220, 230 VAC or VDC (specify when order and same as fault input voltage)
    Display window size is 40 x 50 mm
•     Conform to ANSI/ISA-S18.1
    Alarm sequence can be selected by dip – switch on PCB 

Technical data

Operating principle

           When an alarm signal is occurred, it will initiate horn/buzzer to operate. In the meantime, it will send an output directly to the display lamp, which makes the lamp flicks. After pressing an acknowledged push button switch, horn or buzzer remains silence but the lamp is still steady on. If an alarm signal is returned to normal status then the alarm is cancelled. However, the light of the correspondent indicating display lamp will be sustained. Unless the reset push button switch is activated then the lamp will be turned off and return to its initial condition.
           The lamp test switch is also provided for checking all lamps at normal condition. While checking all lamps and suddenly some of the alarm signals are occurred, the alarm sequence will be operated as usual without any effect from the lamp test sequence. Alarm sequence can be selected by selector or dip switch for manual reset sequence or auto reset sequence, which described as below:

Sequence M : Manual reset

        In this mode, the momentary fault inputs will be latched until acknowledgement is manually reset to clear. Alarm device will be silenced, also lamp would stop flashing and steady on when acknowledged command. Manual reset of the alarm can be done only when process conditions return to normal.

Sequence A : Auto reset

         In this mode, If alarm contact returns to normal before acknowledgement the alarm function will immediately reset on acknowledge stage.

Sequence R : Ring back

         When an alarm occurs, the lamp would flash and horn/buzzer will activate continuously. To stop the sound of horn or buzzer, ack push button switch should be pressed. Then horn/buzzer will be silenced but the lamp would be still steady on. When alarm input returns to the normal status the lamp will gently flash while reset is only a choice to turn off the lamp.


Cutout dimension

Product Coding