Capillary thermostats are designed for accurate and reliable temperature control for domestic appliances and industrial equipments. Thermostat (NTH type) is an economic and reliable instrument, widely used in relay & control panel, switchgear cubicle, main distribution board, control boxes, laboratory instrument and others. When it is in use, usually it should be combined with other products such as an electric fan or space heater.

            The assembly of the thermostats consisted by a capillary tube, sensing bulb and diaphragm (phial) filled with liquid (which sensitive to the ambient temperature) total length approx 1.5 metre and fixed in the polycarbonate housing and switch base. A black polycarbonate knob with white scale marking is provided to set the desired temperature. The complete set of thermostat (NTH type) is rugged and modern design. The box of the thermostat is made of zinc-coated steel, painted with epoxy resin black color.

             This instrument keeps constant within the differential temperature. It is intended to use for preventing of moisture content which may be occurred in the switchboard or electrical cabinets, control panel, switchgear cubicle, small control boxes etc. The setting ranges are started from 0°C to 60°C (error : +2 ~ 5°C) with one change over contact (breaking capacity: 16A at 220Vac ±10%) for controlling or command purpose.

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