Current Transformer (NCP)


           This NCP series split type current transformer is specially designed in order to make the installation of lectrical system and electric network transformation more convenient. It can be mounted under the circumstance of no need to disconnect the cable or busbar. It can save the mounting time and maintenance charge. The products complied with IEC 60044-1, GB 1208-2006, BS 7626


        •   One button clamp-on design, safe, easy to install, portable
        •   Two uilt in fixing methods: Base; Busbar mounting
        •   Wide inner window, allowing clamping of big cables or bus-bars
        •   Wide range of sizes to accommodate all the existing installations.
        •   Primary current from 100A to 6000A


         •   Current measurement, monitoring and protection for electrical wiring and equipment.
         •   Current and power measurement for electric motors, lighting,air compressor, heating and ventilation system,
           air-condition equipment and automation-control system.
          •   Current, power and energy monitoring device.
          •   Relay protection device


Model and dimension

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