The relay type E94 fast trip relay or auxiliary tripping relay is intended to be used in control and protection circuit for applications requiring high reliability and availability such as power stations, substations, railways and industrial plants. The relay has been designed for flush mounting style, the robust contacts are characterized by high making/breaking capacity, overload capacity and continuous current intensity capacity. Their high degree of protection ensure reliable operation in tropical and/or salty sea air ambient conditions.

       Regarding to the auxiliary tripping relay or fast trip relay. The Pick-up time of the relay E94 is less than 8ms. and Drop-out time is less than 40ms. The relay type E94 are consist in two versions, the first version is E94-3 which has three changeover contacts, flush mounting type with screw-type terminals at the rear. The second is E94-6 which has six changeover contacts and other specifications are the same as the first one.

The relays E94 series comply with the IEC/EN, IEEE standards (type test and routine test)

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