The electromechanical hygrostat NMH is designed to control the relative humidity inside enclosures and electrical cabinets. It can be used to switch on a heater or dehumidifier at the humidity setpoint or when the critical relative humidity of 65% is exceeded to increase the dew point within the cabinet. In this way condensation and corrosion is effectively prevented. This prevents damage and malfunction of electronic components and metal parts caused by condensation and corrosion.
            Application is for cabinets of electrical distribution, control panel, switchgear and control gear, ticket and vending machine.


             • Adjustable relative humidity

             • Setting in 5% RH intervals

             • Can work in either NC (Humidifying) or NO mode (Dehumidifying)

             • Change-over contact high switching capacity

             • Easily accessible terminals

             • Clip fixing for 35mm. Din rail

             • Protection class IP20



Wiring Diagram