The miniature buzzer is used for general purpose alarm and warning applications. Usually it is used in cubicle or control boxes for wide application such as power distribution boards, LV. switchgear, MV. switchgear, Panel boards/Switchboards as well as in controller box of production machine and so on.


•      Small size/light weight and 5 cm. depth in panel.

•      ∅ 22 mm. buzzer is intermittent sound and flashing lamp. (C : Continuous sound and display lamp)

•      Sound volume is 80 dB. at 10 cm.

•      Both AC and DC type can be supplied with wide range of voltage.

•      Ambient temperature -5°C to +55°C

•      Head protection class : IP20

•      Low Power consumption < 3W

•      Weight 22g

•      Optional : Continuous sound & display lamp


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