Space heater is used in enclosures where damage from condensation must be prevented, or where the temperature may not fall below a minimum value, widely used in the control panel, switchgear cubicle, main distribution board, control boxes. When it is in use, it should be combined with other products such as electric fan, thermostat or hygrostat, Heat element is a mica strip heater and the flat resistance ribbon genrates heat over a broad area. To get the best result of the heater, the space heater shall be install at the bottom side of the cubicle or the lowest part of the control panel.

              The NSH02 series space heater is rugged and aluminum profile heater body design to fulfill the function of heating The extruded aluminum profile has a chimney effect and distributor the heat evenly.


             • Lightweight heater enable wide range of application and contributes to size and weight saving.

             • Construction provides temperature capability between 100°C to 300°C

             • Dynamic heating up, Excellent heat radiation

             • Corrosion resistance

             • Wide Supply voltage range 195 VAC – 245 VAC

             • Insulation resistance >500MΩ

             • Resistance tolerance ±10%

             • Dielectric strength 2,000 VAC

             • Lifespan >5,000 hrs

             • Very low power consumption by a shorter heating time comparing to the same wattage of power.

             • Heat transfer area ≈ 810 at 50W Model.

             • Approvals : VDE, UL




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